Merry Christmas…

Have a great holiday weekend, and we hope you enjoy your family and friends. We’ll be back on Monday, January 27th. See you then!

Literary Undertakers Part II

The features of the national image of the undertaker in the early twentieth century, thanks to characterizations in literature and elsewhere, were very specific, almost formulaic.

Ellie’s Eco Home Store Greens Up Funeral Industry

Ellie’s announces a partnership with Natural Transitions, a local non-profit resource, and Nature’s Casket, a manufacturer of eco-friendly caskets made from Colorado beetle-kill pine.

VA Opens Washington Crossing National Cemetery

Washington Crossing National Cemetery in Newtown, PA now open.

The Terminal Event and NDA

My uncle talks about the last few hours of my aunt’s life, when she suddenly became more alert and aware of her surroundings. While my uncle thought this increased awareness meant that she was going to be around a few more days, within a few hours she had died. “If,” he said, “I had known that this was the ‘terminal event,’ I would have had different feelings and reactions.”

Cocaine: Cause or Mechanism for Billy Mays’ Death?

You may have read recently that legendary pitchman, Billy Mays, died from heart disease. You may have read further that an autopsy revealed that cocaine was found in his system. Was cocaine the cause of Billy Mays’ death?