The Funeral Empire Strikes Back

…Still, funeral directors did not ignore the challenges nor try to hide their professional duties behind a veil of secrecy.

Up For Hire — Choosing The Right Employee Part II

First impressions are just that — something you get only one chance with which to shine or fail.

Organ Donors — The Last Gift

Whether or not to become an organ donor is something most people will consider in their lifetimes.

The Public Outcry for Funeral Reform Part II

There was stiff competition in the undertaking business because of small volume of business and large number of undertakers…

The Public Outcry for Funeral Reform

There were many popular press reports and articles which claimed to expose the funeral business as a fraud.

Memory Keepers: The First Role Of A Funeral Director

How can you help to make your client’s experience unique to the memory of their loved ones?

Room For Renewal: Improving Restroom Facilities In Funeral Homes

As a funeral director, you can be of great benefit to your client’s needs by enhancing each aspect of your establishment’s facilities.

Literary Undertakers Part III

Eugene’s brother Luke asks Hines to help them pick out a coffin, and he immediately takes on the role of salesman extraordinaire…

Literary Undertakers Part II

The features of the national image of the undertaker in the early twentieth century, thanks to characterizations in literature and elsewhere, were very specific, almost formulaic.

Listening As Art – The Unspoken Role Of Funeral Directors

Your clients may often need a sounding board, someone objective, yet compassionate to their grief and needs.